The  Power  Sanctuary

Live Coaching Calls 2020

You will receive a lot of benefit from listening to the coaching and healing calls because the healing is extended to everyone, and we always have a lot of things in common. 

Please remember though that personal information may come up during the healings, so please respect the confidence of all the participants!  Thank you.

New  Year  Freedom  Session

In this powerful new year session, we release the restraints that have stopped us from embracing our full potential in the past.  Make sure you have a pen and paper before listening.  

January  2020
Power  and  Voice

Power and voice are inextricably linked. We shut down our voice and take the trauma into our abdomen where we shut down our power. In this healing we do a huge transformation of the traumas and genetic patterns that keep us from embracing the power of our voice.  It’s big stuff!

March  2020
Creating  Our  Resilience

This live session is designed to set us all up for the challenging times over the next few months, while we navigate through the coronavirus crisis.  

We are women on whom other people are relying. We need to stay strong and resilient. We need a place to deal with out own feelings and regain our strength. 

This session is designed to free you from ancestral fears around plague and disease, update your subconscious mind that our situation, although hugely challenging, is not the same as the situationa faced by our ancestors.

We unplug from the group consciousness of fear which is magnifying and breeding panic out in the world, and create a new enlightened, calm consciousness based on facts and optimism.  We create a strong, grounded group energy for our Power Sanctuary community to support us through the weeks ahead. 

This is definitely a healing which you will want to repeat when you feel yourself being dragged back into the group fear.  We can support and strengthen each other and maintain our wellbeing and alignment.

April  2020
Part  One – Energetics  of   Alchemy

Understanding the process of alchemy is very important.  The default belief is that when things are difficult we are stuck in that place and getting back to where we were – merely surviving – is all we can hope for.  The truth is very different indeed.  The truth is that being pulled into the negative actually breaks down what was keeping us stuck in the status quo, and it also gives us a huge potential energy for transformation. If we understand this, we can hardness that potential and use that energy to transform our lives and the world. 

Part   Two – Opening  Your  Life  To  Alchemy

You can repeat this part of the recording to open up those energies in as many aspects of your life as you wish. Never listen while you are driving – this one goes very deep!