The  Power  Sanctuary

Our Strength

Creating  Our  Resilience

This live session is designed to set us all up for the challenging times over the next few months, while we navigate through the coronavirus crisis.  

We are women on whom other people are relying. We need to stay strong and resilient. We need a place to deal with out own feelings and regain our strength. 

This session is designed to free you from ancestral fears around plague and disease, update your subconscious mind that our situation, although hugely challenging, is not the same as the situationa faced by our ancestors.

We unplug from the group consciousness of fear which is magnifying and breeding panic out in the world, and create a new enlightened, calm consciousness based on facts and optimism.  We create a strong, grounded group energy for our Power Sanctuary community to support us through the weeks ahead. 

This is definitely a healing which you will want to repeat when you feel yourself being dragged back into the group fear.  We can support and strengthen each other and maintain our wellbeing and alignment.