Are you a woman who longs to shine, but your low self-confidence and
body insecurities are keeping you stuck and hidden

Have years of harsh dieting just made you feel like a total failure?

Does it feel as if you have to change your body before you can really start to live?

Have you been stuck and frustrated for years, and are afraid you’ve missed your chance for love, career and success?

Your Mission – should you choose to accept it…
in just 8 weeks to

Feel Beautiful,
Love and Accept Yourself

in the
Body You Have Right Now,

Free Yourself From
“Diet and Body-Image Hell”,
From Your Sabotaging Past,

so you can
Radiate Confidence,
Shine as a Woman,

Finally Create the Life
You’ve Been Waiting For.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you felt BEAUTIFUL and ATTRACTIVE in the body you have now?
Don’t you wish you felt CONFIDENT about receiving TRUE LOVE?
Maybe you’ve had your heart broken, been through a painful divorce or been treated badly by men, and those memories are holding you back from feeling confident about being able to finding someone to love you as you really want, someone you can trust.

Maybe you lack confidence in how you look, and can’t help comparing yourself with other women – you feel unattractive and inadequate. Perhaps you feel your body shape or your age make you undesirable.

Maybe you’re sabotaging the love you’ve already found?  Perhaps you have a relationship with a good man, but your feelings about yourself or your past experiences are undermining what you have, and you aren’t experiencing the intimacy and happiness you know is possible.

Wouldn’t you love to feel good about your body right now, whatever your weight and body shape? To feel deep down that you are truly beautiful and attractive. Imagine what it would feel like if you weren’t afraid to shine in your life, and were really as confident as other women around you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could wipe the slate clean of your past heartbreak, abuse and trauma, and confidently bring true love into your life?




If only you could wave a magic wand and change everything!

I know just how awful this feels!

I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there too.

I’d lived most of my life hating my body and feeling inadequate about myself, despite my achievements, and I had simply no idea how much this was POISONING everything in my life.

I let past traumas undermine my beautiful relationship with my husband and eventually my life fell apart altogether and I lost my scientific career and my health. 

Hating my body and myself nearly cost me everything that was good in my life….

But I came through this, rebuilt my marriage and my life, better than ever.


I discovered the ESSENTIAL KEY that not only gets us out of that downwards spiral, but that also creates amazing relationships and attracts love and abundance into our lives.

…..a step that other manifestation and coaching programmes miss!

This is when the magic happens.  

Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped many women transform their self-esteem, confidence and free themselves from abuse, rape and trauma, but I didn’t feel I had the whole picture.

Then, on my own journey through personal tragedy I found the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle and everything dropped into place.

I could finally achieve what I’ve always known to be my mission –
to help women fill their lives with love….

When you truly love yourself, you start giving the universe a different message, and your life begin to transform around you. People begin to see you in a different way and new relationships and opportunities begin to come into your life.


but we CAN change things for ourselves….not by trying to change the world around us,


That’s why I created
Cinderella Bootcamp®
We all love the fairytale of Cinderella’s transformation from downtrodden, alone, unloved and penniless to being a beautiful, beloved princess.  Well, every woman deserves to receive that love and have that empowerment and the ability to shine and attract love into her life.

CINDERELLA BOOTCAMP® is a unique experience programme, charged with interaction, and powerful – almost magic* – tools which can help you transform yourself and your life from the inside out.  I’ve used my 15 years of experience to create a signature system that really works and I’ll be leading you through my step by step process to take you from mission to mission accomplished.

Your Magical Transformation


Be Your Own Fairy Godmother
  • Learn how to use your innate *magical powers* to change things you thought were unchangeable.
  • Understand how and why you have been sabotaging your chances of true love and happiness, and how to stop doing this immediately.
  • Learn how to put out a completely different message to the world and those around you.


Beauty Magic
  • You will change the deepest misunderstandings of beauty, femininity and desirability that have been making you feel unattractive and ugly.
  • Identify your Personal Beauty Archetype and connect it to your feelings about your own body  – completely shifting the way you think about how you look.
  • Release the years of hate and inadequacy you’ve been storing in your body and how to replace these with the highest vibrational love and self-acceptance.


Magical Confidence
  • You will identify and release the deep negative conditioning – or poison apples – preventing you from knowing and living your true value, worth and deservedness.
  • Learn the key to being the architect of your own life by transforming your painful experiences into wisdom and mastery.
  • Step into genuine power and live your daily life shining your value and have it reflected back to you in the respect and appreciation of others.
  • Finally love yourself for who you are right now.


Life Transformation
  • Identify and release your limitations on love, happiness, money and freedom!
  • Free yourself once and for all from patterns that have blocked and ruined romantic love in your past and in your family line.
  • Create the blueprint for the relationship of your dreams.


Alchemy of Attraction.
  • Learn how to hold the energy of love and romance in your body and your life every day.
  • Learn how to deal with everyday challenges and stop them throwing you off track.
  • Harness the Law of Attraction and let yourself bring you the life you desire and deserve.

and then…


You’re Ready for the


What my Bootcampers say…

“My intention was to feel empowered and comfortable in my skin. I actually believed that I had done a lot of work in this area in my life and therefore really I would breeze through ! However what I discovered made me realise how deep my programmes and blocks had been with these elements and quite honesty I feel like I’ve only just started to truly and authentically learn about who I really am. Anne’s support is not only a huge comfort but her devotion to help you along this journey is simply an inspiration”

“I really enjoyed the Cinderella Bootcamp experience. Feels like it went too quick. Having lost all my hair, it made me realise it’s not how I look that matters, it’s how I feel that makes me feel good about myself.”

“The presentation and easy guide through the experience was great. Broken down chapter, by chapter. Made it easy to get through and was easy to understand.”

“I have worked with Anne before but can truly say this course was so empowering . I feel that finally I can take control of my life . Lots of things come up during the 6 weeks and it’s great to work through them and progress. It’s also so nice to be part of a group of women working towards empowerment. Thank you Anne”

“I went into the Cinderella Bootcamp thinking that it would help me to help my clients. What I found was that it helped me to help myself. It has been a difficult journey at times, and parts of it have been hard to do. During those times I have been supported, both by Anne and the other members of the group. I have learned that I can do so much more than I believed when I started the process. What I have found absolutely invaluable is finding my true self. I have learned to be brave, to be loving, to be kind, to be generous and to be daring. I have learned that I am powerful, and that I can use that power positively to help myself be the best self I can be. I am incredibly grateful that this course exists. Thank you, Anne.”

“The Cinderella bootcamp was so life changing for me. I didn’t know what to expect but definitely did not see the level of change it brought. I found my confidence and speak up now that I value and love myself. It is so liberating to come into my power. Anne was absolutely amazing and her support throughout was just outstanding. Thank you Anne for putting this together and I highly recommend this to anyone who needs change in their life.”

“A huge thank you Anne! So glad I decided to join the Cinderella Bootcamp. My outlook on life has most certainly shifted 😊

The bootcamp is a totally logical step by step process that takes you from wherever you are to a place of feeling empowered! Lots of tools and techniques for shifting your perspective for the better. Great support along the way and lots of bonuses to keep you on track. Can’t recommend Cinderella Bootcamp highly enough!” Anna x

“I didn’t have too much spare time when I decided to do this Bootcamp, but decided to do it anyway & just see how it went – I had been suffering from a few issues with relationships, work & health.

It was totally awesome – I feel I made some ground-breaking changes, which I am now working further on. Not very long into the course, things just started changing for me; Anne not only tells you how to shift blocks, but provides you with the tools to do so, so you can help yourself in the future. I loved being part of a group – everyone helps each other so much – it’s nice to belong to such a community & the FB page is still available.

I definitely needed this to put me back on track – as I had allowed myself to fall off! Thoroughly recommend this course. So far- I’m back onto my healthy eating ( I was previously bingeing); I’m an Actress & am working on a great project that means alot to me with my Agent; family relationships (which were awful) are better & I have only just met a wonderful guy – exciting stuff! Most importantly- I am finally loving myself & feeling a lot more content, & it’s s long time since I felt like that! Xxx”

“Prior to signing up for the Cinderella Bootcamp®. I had worked with Dr Anne Whitehouse many times on a one to one. We had worked in many areas of my life, from my self-worth of existing on this planet, through past lives and ancestry programmes, blocks and limitations, that clearly were having a huge effect of my very essence of being a human being, not least a female. As we dug deeper my resistance became more intense, a clear sign that something bigger needed shifting. I really was pushing hard to heal myself but in the wrong direction and from a place of self-punishment.

Attending the Cinderella Bootcamp® with other ladies was a powerful experience. Not only Had Anne created a full intense programme to enable massive deep shifts of energy to happen, but the community empowered each other too. It is very hard to put into a few words how VERY grateful I am for Anne having created this programme. That has enabled me not only to clear blocks, release anger, grief, self doubt and punishment, as well as empowering me to live a life with inner peace, a love of my own body and an excitement for life, something I thought I had lots completely.

My Cinderella moment has been at the age of 50, to have achieved professional dancer/teacher status with an international company. Something that as a five year old child, I was told, you are to fat, not good enough, will never achieve anything on life…..Now I really can shine and show the world whoI really am. I continue to use the tools that Anne delivered on the course as I now have a much bigger understanding of my true FULL potential in life. Much Love & Gratutide to You Anne. x”

“When I first joined the Bootcamp, I didn’t really know what to expect. I am so glad I did it! I know I’m still way off where I want to be but I’m closer than where I was and I know I will get there with all the tools Anne has taught me.”

“The Cinderella Bootcamp® has changed the way I view myself. It boosts my self confidence quite significantly and has let me love myself for the way I am and the way I look. I realized that a change is happening when I looked into a picture that my friend has just taken and for once in my life, I actually thought of myself looking good in that picture instead of seeing the flaws like I usually did before I took this bootcamp. On top of that, I started to get more attention and got myself several dates. This Cinderella Bootcamp® truly changes my level of self-worth and self-love. Recommending this to every girl out there who sometimes strive to be impossibly perfect while we need to accept that we are already perfect in our own ways.”

“Cinderella Bootcamp® has been the most wonderfully magical transformative, healing and empowering experience for me. I joined based on a recommendation so I didn’t really know what I was going in for. It has been so much more than I could have imagined. I often start courses but never finish them, I have made it through the whole way of Cinderella Bootcamp because it was so manageable. Every chapter provided easy-to-do practical tasks which enabled me to take action, to see where I had been negatively affecting my life and provided me with simple practical solutions to change my energy to the positive. I have come out feeling so much lighter and brighter, I have released so much anger, resentment and negativity – stuff that I didn’t even realise I had. Everytime I face a challenge, instead of disappearing into a vat of despair or self-loathing, I can take a step back and change how I react with the tools provided. I also cleared so much that what used to affect me, no longer does. This course really has been life changing and I cannot thank Anne enough. Anne was so caring, supportive and patient throughout that it was reassuring to open up to bare and release the old wounds. The support of the group has been incredible as I have never really been one for posting in facebook groups but it has been a reassuring environment where we can help one another grow and shine brightly. Cinderella Bootcamp® really is a must for everyone, I feel like a different person and know that no problem is insurmountable. Anne really is the most amazing person.”

“I am currently on a 1 year intensive course at drama school in London. Last term in my end of term tutorial I was told that I was very good, but that at some point in my life I must have decided to ‘switch off’ my sensuality as I seemed quite androgenous. Then about a month into my second term I also started the Cinderella Bootcamp®. Initially I was quite shy, didn’t put my story on Facebook and listened to the calls on replay. What I loved was that there was no pressure, you did things in your own time. By the third call I found I wanted to experience it live, and then I found myself commenting on the Facebook page, before then adding my own posts. By the end I felt I had really become part of a supportive community and looked forward to the calls and getting to interact with others live. And as for my course…..I just had the second term tutorial and was told that I have rediscovered my sensuality so much it blew them away in my last scene study!! Thank you so much Anne, and everyone else on the bootcamp. I would highly recommend this course to anyone :o)”

“It was an amazing, intensive adventure into self-discovery and self-empowerment. I loved the fact that it was online and interactive. All the group shared their stories and how they were using the tools to change their behaviour and attitude to be more positive. I now treat my body with kindness and respect rather than being my own worst critic!
The whole course was extremely colourful, vibrant and powerful. The tools are so easy to use as part of your daily lives but have shown to generate incredible shifts in people’s lives. I now love my body which is the first time in my life. Quite amazing changes in just six weeks!”

“Anne you are truly amazing and have started something in my heart and soul that I will always treasure.
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for giving me the chance to let go of so much and move forward in a new and better way.
I know there is still much work to be done and it will take persistence and practice but your programme has shifted so much already I really can’t thankyou enough. You will never know how much this has meant to me so thankyou from the bottom of my heart for opening me up letting you and your boot camp into my life xxxx”

“Thank you so much for the most amazing course, I really cannot express how grateful I am.  It has been the most amazing, transformative, healing and empowering experience. I have practical tools which I can use in daily life to face all problems when they happen. There is a positive in everything and nothing is the end of the world.  I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart.  I feel like a different person and know that no problem is insurmountable.”

“Dear Anne, would like to say a huge thank you for the Cinderella Bootcamp that you made possible. It’s been challenging in many ways but so so rewarding. It really did highlight some stuck patterns to work through to get the results I desire. Can clearly see that after the Bootcamp things have shifted a lot already. It helped to clear the space and made the way for the love, wealth and happiness, new positive, happy thoughts, possibilities and adventures to enter. It’s an ungoing journey, and I’m so grateful that you’ve kept all the recordings on the website so I can go back to them at my own pace.
You’re a true diamond, thank you for all your help and support through this journey.
Sending a big heartfelt hug and much love your way xx

“My name is Faye and the universe brought me to Anne and this wonderful Bootcamp. I had a lot of baggage and negativity in my life that I couldn’t seem to ditch and along came Anne with a 6 week intensive Bootcamp that has turned my World upside down! I’ve released so much negativity and learned to love myself in a way I never have. My confidence has increased and I am learning and loving every part of me. The homework is sometimes challenging but anything worth doing is rarely easy and letting go of angst and years of negativity from an abusive marriage was not going to be straightforward! I’ve tried counselling and it never worked for me. It didn’t get to the crux of the problem whereas this Bootcamp has literally changed my life. I have let go of pain and resentment and I don’t believe all the horrible things I had shouted at me daily anymore. I am me and I am loved and I love myself and while I know this Bootcamp is just the start of my journey I know I now have the tools and healings to move forward in my life to attract love and abundance and I cannot thank Anne enough for releasing me from fear, anger, sadness and the feeling I wasn’t worth anything. I know I am on a wonderful journey and Anne is the catalyst that has set me on a new path for the rest of my life and I will forever be grateful.
Thank you Anne you are an angel.”
Faye xx

“A truely empowering experience, Anne’s amazing creation of Cinderella Bootcamp has been the icing on the cake in my self love journey it’s just the magic I have been looking for to strengthen my relationship with myself…now I’m equipped with the fantastic tools to conquer and manage life with ease and grace…I now feel like a much more sparkly and better version of myself ✨The Bootcamp was perfectly crafted into manageable chapters with full support along the whole way from Anne and all the lovely ladies…I am now officially going to the ball 🙌🏽✨
The most powerful transformation course anyone can ever take!
Why Cinderella Bootcamp®?
Because every lady deserves to go the ball! x”

How does it work?
Cinderella Bootcamp® is a revolutionary online experience, designed to take you step by step through releasing the experiences and limiting beliefs that have been undermining you, while teaching you how to harness the power of the universe to  change your energy so you can attract the experiences and relationships you really want.  I’ve used my 15 years of experience to craft what I believe is the best possible programme, to help you really empower yourself to bring love into your life.

I’ll be giving you short, bite-sized lessons and inspirations, together with tasks, games and targets to help you find and release your blocks in an effective and fun way.  I’ll be doing live group clearings to change deep-seated subconscious programming, question and answer sessions to provide you with the personal support you need along the way, and there will be a closed Facebook group community for support, feedback and friendship.  I can’t wait to embark on this magical journey with you.

But don’t worry if you can’t attend the calls live – all calls will be recorded.

What are the Dates?

The next Bootcamp will run September 2018

Diamond Slipper ‘VIP’Level

I know there will be women who really want to join Cinderella Bootcamp®, and who also want some additional
one-to-one support from me.

Maybe you’ve been through major traumas such as rape and abuse,
or you want to do some deeper digging to resolve your past relationships or your childhood.  This is my speciality! I can lift and resolve the trauma and free you from the painful experiences that are holding you back.

I’m adding a special “Diamond Slipper” level to the programme especially for you.

If you opt for Diamond Slipper level, you will receive two personal sessions with me for either deep trauma clearing, or deep digging to transform your past, PLUS unlimited email access to me during the programme..



Releasing Past Trauma Deep Healing
(value £87)

A 40 minute energy clearing to release the patterns of trauma you’ve been holding in your body and subconscious mind.  When we release these patterns, it is much easier to move forwards without our past experiences sabotaging us.

Heart Healing Meditation
(value £57)

This powerful healing connects you to the energy of your heart to release stuck emotions and restore your wellbeing.  


Includes all the Glass Slipper level bonuses, PLUS

Deep Restful Sleep MP3
(value £57)

This hour long deep relaxing recording uses the power of alpha and theta frequencies to relax your brain and help you drift into a refreshing deep sleep.   


If you are ready to take responsibility and take action to make your life better, ready to think outside the box and redefine your view of life, ready to let go of the past, forgive and use some powerful energetic tools to take control back from your old traumas and conditioning then it is for you.  We’ll be using powerful and proven tools to shift our subconscious perception of life events, to change our reference and bring more light and love in. We’ll be harnessing the law of attraction to create the energy you want to experience in your life.  

I can’t promise any specific results – I can’t promise that you will meet someone special – but I can promise that if you put in the effort, you will feel different, blocks will release and your life will shift in all sorts of ways.  When you transform yourself form within, the energy you put out into the world changes, and the reality you create and the relationships and opportunities you attract change with it.

If you aren’t ready to take responsibility and take action, then it isn’t for you yet….


If you sign up for Cinderella Bootcamp®, but then decide that it isn’t for you, I’m offering a 14 day money-back guarantee on the price you paid, starting from the first day of the Bootcamp.  (This doesn’t include the cost of one-to-one sessions that have already been received.) 

I’ve got questions…
Can you guarantee that I'll find the love of my life?
No I can’t guarantee that – it’s up to the universe.  However, Cinderella Bootcamp will clear your BLOCKS to love, and you will learn effective techniques for manifesting and holding the vibration of love – both of these things make is much more likely that you will attract a loving relationship.
How can you change the way I feel about my body?
I’ve spent many years specialising in powerful techniques that reprogramme the subconscious mind. The changes we make during Cinderella Bootcamp are programmed on the deepest level.  This is profound and lasting stuff!
How much time will it take? I have a full-time job.
I have designed the programme to have lots of small activites which you can fit into your day.  The longer Q&A coaching calls and the big clearing sessions will all be recorded so you can listen to them when it’s convenient if you can’t make it live.
What if I don't finish everything within the 6 weeks?
Don’t worry!  You get lifetime access to all the materials and the recordings, so you can finish it off in your own time.  The Facebook group will also continue with ongoing support and community.
I've tried online programmes before but didn't complete them. What makes Cinderella Bootcamp different?
Cinderella Bootcamp is designed as an interactive experience.  This means we’ll be doing group work, games, challenges, and it’s going to be so much fun. I’ve also designed most things to be quick and bite-sized so you can easily fit it into your day and you can keep up the momentum and really feel your progress.
But I want to lose weight...if I love my body as it is, won't I keep the weight on?
No!  When we are fixated on a part of our body and fill it with hatred, that locks it in its current state.  When you start to love it, that’s when it can change.  It will be much easier to lose weight when you are putting love into your body.
How does this relate to the Law of Attraction?
To create the wonderful life we all deserve, we need to release the negative energies and actively create positive ones.  The more you focus on the negative things in your life, the more you will create more of the same.  In Cinderella Bootcamp, we work from both angles – we release the negative things that are blocking our lives, and actively magnify the positive energies.
How can recordings have an effect on my subconscious mind?
The energies of the healing are encoded into the recordings.  It is just as powerful whether you listen live or listen to the recording.
I've been through some really bad stuff, can this help me?
Yes absolutely.  If you have experienced rape, abuse, heartbreak you haven’t got over or other trauma, then I can definitely help you.  I’ve specialised in empowering women to free themselves and transform these experiences.  If you have big stuff to deal with then I would recommend you take the DIAMOND SLIPPER level, where we will have 2 intensive one-to-one sessions together to really deal with it effectively.  If you are in any doubt whether I can help you, please send me a message.
What do you mean *magical powers*?
It’s not real ‘magic’ obviously!  However by using cutting-edge techniques that work deep in the subconscious mind, and using quantum energy technques we can shift the vibration of our lives significantly, and with intention. The result is that we begin to attract different experiences into our lives in a real and tangible way.

I’ve spent the last 15 years pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, both on myself and my many clients, with excellent results.