Module 3 – Radiance

Body Transformation
Love, Beauty and Self-Acceptance

So, we have now reached module 3 – Radiance. This is where we are going to activate the second pillar of feminine empowerment – Compassion – and start the release of self-judgement.  There is nothing more poisonous to your hopes, dreams, health and happiness than self-judgement, and if you’re anything like me you’re an absolute master at it.

In this section we are going to start with releasing the huge amount of judgement (negative obviously) that we hold about our bodies. I’ve never met a woman who was happy with her body – regardless of whether she were slim or not, conventionally beautiful or not – as women we are deeply programmed to believe our bodies inadequate. The trouble is that this not only wrecks our confidence and self-esteem, it programmes our physical being with negative energy that blocks all the things we want in life.  Now is the time to release all that negative programming and start giving your body the love and appreciation that it deserves.

Video Training & De-Conditioning

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Audio Version

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